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>> at eleven. police find an alligator standing guard over an illegal stash of marijuana in castro valley. we'll tell you what happened next. a bizarre plot. as police say, a woman's attempt to get her husband out of their home. backfires. now one person is dead and four people are in jail. next.
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(male announcer) this is the bay area news station, kron 4 news starts now.his name is mr. teeth. >> you cannot tell if the kids get out of the container or not we do not really want to take that chance. >> pam: his name is mr. teeth...alameda county sheriff's deputies say, the alligator was guarding more than 30 pounds processed marijuana at the home of a drug dealer. assif mayar is in custody tonight at the santa rita jail.
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authorities say, mayar got the alligator to commemorate the death of rapper tupac shakur. kron 4's reggie kumar spoke with neighbors. who are stunned about this bizarre and dangerous discovery. >> reporter: when alameda county sheriff's special investigations unit discovered the alligator named mr. teeth. during an unannounced probation check at this home on mount jasper drive. the reptile was inside a bedroom in a large plexiglass container. the owner. 32 year old assif mayar had kept the five foot long more than 30 pound reptile 16 years. neighbor's say mayar, a woman and small child had been living in the home for two years. they say the owner had a lot of pit bulls, but they never knew this animal was living inside, keeping close watch.authorities say over 34 pounds of pot. neighbors were too scared to speak on camera. >> i'm not sure that it was how large it was. but it
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was in a cage. >> it was a family oriented neighborhood. the fact that there is an alligator right to bear its could have gotten out presumably. it is scary >> reporter: the oakland zoo is now caring forthe animal. kron 4 has learned it is pretty sick and is being treated by zoo personell. the owner faces drug charges, as well as owning an exotic animal without a permit. in castro valley reggie kumar kron 4 news. >> e >> pam: a woman is violently attacked in san francisco's mission district. and the victim is using social media to warn the community. kron 4's philippe djegal is live in san francisco. with more on what police are calling an attempted rape. philippe? she is a self described mountain climber fight off her attacker. she says she
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was walking down the 23rd street after returning from the haze section. she noticed a suspicious man walking towards her. she could not avoid him there were no side streets. she did not want to turn around because then her back would be turned and she did not know what was going to be happening. this is how she described what happened. >> she sent this out to friends and neighbors in the area. the suspect launched at me. he knew what he was doing and how to attack someone. ..... eventually, she was able to get his hand out of her mouth. she says
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that she was struggling and avoided he is described as an asian male. 5 ft. 8 in., 160 lbs. between 20 and 30 years old. has a small beard. he was last saying wearing a dark pants and a bar coded as wishard. >> some are organizing a rally it will happen in front of the mission bart station. reporting live, phillipe djegal, kron 4 news. >> pam: new at 11. police are searching for a suspect who stabbed this woman to death in san francisco's tenderloin district. the fatal stabbing happened back in last year.
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the victim has been identified as elia cruz. this surveillance video shows the victim entering her apartment building on eddy street with the suspect. police later found cruz dead. inside her apartment. the suspect is described as a mixed race male, between the age of 26 to 35 years old, between five- feet nine and - 6- feet 2-inches tall. with long hair. >> new details about the young girl who was kidnapped in hayward more than 20- years ago. hayward police says. a bone fragment found in an abandoned well in central california last year. is not micahaela garecht's. the news comes. as f-b-i investigators continue to dig up another site. for remains of possible victims of the so-called "speed freak killers." we have reaction on the revelation tonight from michaela garecht's mother. >> i do have a sense of relief. that is not micheala
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reverses' still hope. and- that perhaps there is still hope and i can still go on a living the way i have been for the last 24 years, which is still continue to look for her. ".looking for her" >> pam: garecht was only 9 - years old when she was kidnapped outside a grocery store in hayward back in 1988. meanwhile, the search for victims of the speed freak killers continues in linden. so far no human remains have been found. there is a major setback. the f-b-i says the well is deeper than they originally thought it was. they have yet to reach the bottom of the well. once they get to the bottom then they will start the process of hand sifting through the well to see if there are any human remains. we have seen the end to the rainfall with a spotty shower activity off shore. that will continue to be the case. that snowfall through
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the sierras and most of it has pressed to the north and a south central valley with instability. that will continuerow morning and to pretty cold conditions 40's for fairfield. chilly conditions with isolated showers. it will stay quite cold. wait until you see friday morning's lows. we will talk about that, coming up. coming up. >> pam: the deadly home invasion in pittsburg. that police say, was a targeted attack. an animal mixup. had a whole town in virgina on edge. neighbors reported seeing a baby lion on the loose. but later learned it was something else. >> coming up barry bonds and some words from the legendary pop latesourr...
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>> pam: pittsburg police say, a cheating wife put together a phony home invasion burglary, as a scare tactic to try and get her husband to move out of their home. this was the scene yesterday. police on the scene. her husband isn't dead, but the intruder is. and now everyone involved in the plot is being charged with his death. police say, charmaine taijeron had an affair with another man for several months. her husband recently learned about the infidelity. the two separated and the husband was moving out. but police say, he wasn't moving out fast enough for his wife. >> there was some confusion as to whether he was going to move out or if he was reconsidering and it angered his wife to the point where she plotted a burglary with her current boyfriend. >> pam: police say. taijeron, her boyfriend and 2 others participated. but the plan backfired when her husband saw the acting burglar breaking into the apartment. police say, they got into a
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scuffle, both men lost their guns. the victim then grabbed a knife and fatally stabbed the intruder. now everyone except charmaine taijeron's husband. is facing murder charges.
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>> pam: tonight. we're learning new details about that oil tanker which side-
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swiped the bay bridge on monday. monday's crash caused an estimated 2- to- 3- million dollars in damage to the bridge. here's video from sky- 7 showing the scene. at the time of the incident monday morning, officials say, visibility at the bay bridge was down to a quarter mile. there are regulations on the bay that would prevent a vessel from traveling during heavy fog. but as kron four news has learned. the bay bridge is exempt from those regulations. officials say, when the rules were put into place, following the cosco busan tanker accident. it was decided it would be safer to allow passage around the bay bridge, because blocking it. could end up causing a traffic jam. and possibly other serious consequences. now some say those regulations should be revamped. >> new at 11 palo alto police are searching for an armed robber who witnesses say demanded money from tellers at credit union. police say the suspect had a gun.
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witnesses describe the suspect as a white male in his thirties. 6-feet 1- inches tall. with a scar nearhis right eye. no one was injured. it is unclear how much money he ran off with. policy proposal by the end today, the anti task force is sitting down to work. joe biden is talking that obama is serious about addressing this. >> the president is going to act with executive orders.
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biden is expected to have a policy presentable by the end of the month. flu. >> in new york city, an investigation is underway after a high-speed ferry crashed into a dock. dozens of people were hurt after passengers on board or into walls by the impact of the crash. 11 of those people are suffering serious injuries tonight. a small part of the hull was ripped open following the crash. police say the crew members passed alcohol tests.
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we have a sneak peak at the newest vehicles just coming off production lines. at the silicon valley international auto show hundreds of new cars were being readied at the san jose convention center today. the car show opens tomorrow. guests will also be able to appreciate some of the more high end models. from aston martin, bentley, rolls royce and lamborgini. professional drivers will give you an off- road experience. and more then 80 vehicles will be available for attendees to test drive. but no, the lamborgini will not be one of them. >> jacqueline: off temperatures in the 20's and 30's. a slight chance of showers. the snowfall to the sierras locally we will have some spotty cloud patterns through the offshore but it is increasing along the shore. a look on futurecast with mostly clear skies. as
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we take a look at the 3:00 hour that is where most of the rainfall is staying. however, through the 6:00 p.m. hour the snow levels are dropping by 2,000 ft.. if any of this precipitation makes it through the higher elevations we could see a light dusting. tomorrow, clear skies and to dry conditions. temperatures? cold! widespread 30's. that pink showing 20's. temperatures rarely are going to struggle. and even struggling to get into the fifties. for the evening, temperatures are also going to drop into the 30's. a freezing morning in the santa rosa, napa, livermore, pleasanton, 30's through vallejo. and 38 in fremont and the san jose. for the afternoon temperatures are struggling to get out of the 40's. 43 daly city,
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concord, livermore, fifties and the san jose. as for friday morning there is already a frost advisory for most of the bay area. the frost advisory for the bayshore with temperatures in the '20s and '30s. and a sub-freezing for several hours. certainly, we are going to experiencing a chill in the air. deftly, time to bundle up. called on saturday, it definitely -- bundling up. called on saturday. and certainly, this is cold winter weather if that is here to stay.
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>> it's no lion -- just a big pooch with an unusual doggie hairdo. meet charles. a labradoodle. neighbors in norfolk, virginia have mistaken the playful pooch for a lion. police say they received calls about a baby lion running loose. officers even called the local zoo to make sure all their big cats were accounted for. the owner says this isn't first time his dog has been mistaken for a lion. no call from the hall for barry bonds. gary has the story straight ahead plus. ahead plus. there is no mass-produced human. so we created the extraordinarily comfortable sleep number experience. a collection of innovations designed around a bed with dual-air technology that allows you to adjust to the support your body needs. each of your bodies. our sleep professionals will help you find your sleep number setting. exclusively at a sleep number store. sleep number. comfort individualized. queen mattresses start at just $699. and right now, save 50% on the final closeout of our silver limited edition bed.
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the warriors try to avoid their 8th straight loss to the memphis grizzlies. >> andrew bogut warming up before the game but he's reportedly still a ways awaywe may not see him until after the all star break 4th quarter warriors battle back from 14 points downdavid lee goes over two defenders plus the foul 70-67 mem lee: 14 points, 10 rebs late 4thgrizz pull away jarret jack swatted - mike conley the 2-on-1 and finishes with the layup 88- 82 mem conley: 16 points 1:15 left, grizzlies up 4 rudy gay - pretty ices the game with this step back 2- pointer from the baseline gay: 18 points, 6 assists final: 94-87 grizzlies warriors 8th straight loss to memphis first back to back losses
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since early november washington at cal oski the bear as cal hosted washington at haas pavilion cal didn't shoot well tonightjustin cobbs with the air ball cobbs and crabbe: 7/27 combined cal shot just 37% c.j. wilcox - the big junior guard was the best player on the floor - knocks down the 3-pointer wilcox: 19 points, 8 rebs battered mike montgomery washington wins 62-47 cal drops to 9-6 washington st. at stanford 1 johnny dawkins - still looking for his first pac-12 win of the year 2nd half 2 fella named brock motum had himself a game tonight fat for the cougars - easy layup here motum: game high 29 points
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4:31 left, cardinal up 3 3 dwight powell - the follow dunk as the cardinal pull away powell: 16 points, 11 rebs stanford goes 12/12 from foul line in last two minutes stanford wins 78-67 >> the baseball hall of fame and not one that new player. no chance. they say when you are in the 30's it is going to take at least four or five years before you get in and near. that is what history tells you how did barry bonds take the news?
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he is said the four seasons hotel in maui. and as the go towards saturday. 12 justin smith is he going to be available? >> he says that he is ready to go. that is good enough for me. and god willing to the and the creek don't rise. and we kept the camera on him of the coach. and we have asked him why he never moved from high school to college coaching. the mind of the age group. there will move when you ask them to move >> your never motivated by money? or in your experience? >> i would rather be happy and comfortable where i could be most effective and
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i thought of high school was my niche. >> what did you do that bay your program the most successful over the country. >> we work very hard and all a year and i work and a great place that is conducive to working teams. >> and we will see you tomorrow.

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